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The United States and one possessed of the best educational systems in the world, with a language distinct English covering almost all levels and areas institutes, in addition to that of America's most important universities and institutes of the world's ancient, making it particularly attractive to students, professors and researchers in the pursuit of academic excellence and this America became the premise of the first countries in the world in attracting foreign students who seek to develop their skills and abilities starting to learn the English language in a professional and the end of the doctoral degree.

The US visa requirements for students is a complex and procedures favorable to Arab students from the Gulf states.

You can read more about the conditions for visas (visa tuition) to America here: Do I need a visa to America

Many students find that studying English in the United States a great experience, especially if you engage the surrounding environment. English language institutes all mandates reside on different levels and costs, where tuition costs starting at 3120 SR week comprehensive housing, schooling costs and up to 4491 SR week.

And vary from institute to another and from one town to another where the total of the study costs in major cities such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles expensive than small cities like Fort Oderdl coastal and some institutes classified globally and other institutes and small local and you can read more about the study costs America here: study costs in America

Students multiple options for housing in America that he can live with during the study time for an American family living in a dedicated housing for students or apartment hotel, and you can read more about the housing options here in America: student housing in America

English language education institutes in America is not just limited to the English language, where there is also a distinctive and recreational activities for students carried out by the centers and through trips weekly and identify the cities and American cultures up close, as well as fishing trips or visit the most prominent city that attracts landmarks also tourists, wonderful live an unforgettable experience by joining one of these prestigious centers, including:

You can read more about the colleges in America are here: Language institutes in America

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