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UK is one of the most countries applied for study in general, whether to study English or studies university students from around the world because of the long history that characterizes the United Kingdom as well as Britain distinctive site that mediates continents making it easier to travel to the Arab Gulf states and other countries. Britain has been done to facilitate visa procedures for Arab students from the Gulf states in recent times.

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The United Kingdom has many colleges and English language schools in different cities, most notably London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, Torbay and York and other destinations for students and for the purpose of language study and tourism together. As for the costs of studying in Britain to begin from 2500 SR-inclusive Week housing, schooling and up to 4000 SAR and vary from institute to another and from one town to another where the total of the study costs in major cities such as London more expensive than small cities like coastal Torbay and some institutes classified globally and institutes Other small and local.

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Students multiple housing options that he can live with the British during the study Awan 's family lives in a dedicated housing for students or apartment hotel, and you can read more about the accommodation options in Britain here: student accommodation in the UK

Britain is characterized by the institutes of the English language with high-level and higher and scattered throughout the kingdom, where Britain is the original home of the English language, giving it more preferences for foreign students, which distinguish it from other countries speaking English, and is a list of the best British institutes:

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