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Malaysia today from more countries have become an application for the study, particularly for the study of the English language among Arab students from different countries due to several things distinguish them, people are Malaysian very hospitable and a permanent smile as the people of Malaysia a variety of beautiful state in nature and includes the big cities and green spaces vast and also many of the islands as well as the study of the English language student destination for tourism as well.

Also, the food in Malaysia is not a problem of the existence of eating Halal and restaurants of various nationalities student will find several options suit his taste and desire for food.

Visa procedures to Malaysia for Arab students from the Gulf countries is very easy, and you can read more about the conditions for visas to travel to Malaysia here: Do I need a visa to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the least expensive countries to study English and this is also one of the characteristics that distinguish Malaysia. For the cost of the study to begin from 1884 SR-inclusive Week housing, schooling and up to 2570 SAR

You can read more about the study costs in Malaysia are here: study costs in Malaysia

There are many institutes and English language schools in Malaysia and most important:

You can read more about the institutes in New Zealand here: language institutes in Malaysia

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