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The country is Canada nature scenic sign-catching addition to its long history and global effects and rich culture where it's multi-ethnic nation, Canada has a cross-section of the best universities and institutes in the world, which are certificates issued them the respect and recognition and appreciation throughout the world. The Canadian climate is characterized by diversity, in terms of the weather is nice in the summer, cold in the winter. Canada is a country of the most welcoming countries in the world and has a policy of encouraging the diversity of multicultural Canada is calm and safe and orderly country is the safest places in the world.

Apply for a visa prior to travel is essential to the study of language in Canada, and to find out the requirements and conditions you can read more about the conditions for visas to travel to Canada here: Do I need a visa to Canada

Canada offers a high quality of education in schools and colleges and schools of the English language with well-known all over the world and especially the Arab world qualifications and present English language institutes in all Canadian cities, ranging from the cost of study English in Canada between 2483 riyals for the week overall housing costs, study, between 3523 SR week and it varies according to the level of the Institute and the city.

You can read more about the study costs in Canada are here: tuition fees in Canada

Students multiple options for housing it can be inhabited during the study with a Canadian family , which is one of the best types of housing because it gives students the opportunity to practice the language directly with family members and learn about their culture up close, or to live in a dedicated housing for students or apartment hotel, and you can read more about Options Accommodation here in Canada: student accommodation in Canada

Almost English language institutes all provinces of Canada such as Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia are located and etc. The most important of these institutes and the best known are:

You can read more about the colleges in Canada are here: language institutes in Canada

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