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Malta is a small island in Europe with a population of approximately 422,000. It is a very nice destination for tourism as well as developing your skills as it has many international companies located in it. Moreover, English in Malta is considered as an official language, so for people who can only speak English and want to work in Europe or would like to improve their English skills, Malta would be a very good choice as most of the other European countries do not use English as an official language.

 What will you get from doing an internship?

Many people that are recently graduated and that are still studying do not get a job opportunity as they do not have work experience that the companies are looking for. In this case, the best thing to do is an internship as it will make you gain so many things such as:


  •  Showing your skills


You will have the ability to show your skills and prove yourself which might lead the company to feel that if you go it will be a loss for them and they might offer you a good work position.


  •   Be more confident in working and dealing with people


Some people might not be used to work with teams and deal with people from different traditions and cultures, and some do not feel confident to speak or work with another people. So internships will help them in gaining that confidence.


  •   Learn new skills


Working with a company will make learn a lot of new skills. You can learn new things from each person there, from the top person in the company to the lower as everyone will have different ideas, opinions, skills and knowledge. As a result of that, you will learn so many new skills and improve your knowledge.


  • Learn how to deal with customers


As an intern, you will probably be exposed to dealing with customers. This could be by phone, social media or face to face communication.


  •  Increase your opportunity of work


Internships in Malta will give you a great experience which might lead to an increase in your opportunities of work.


  • Make a network


As mentioned above, there are a number of international companies located in Malta. This will result in meeting and speaking to people with professional skills and great experience at work (this could be through events, partnership or dealing with the company that you are doing the internship in, etc.).



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