After opening website, two bottoms will show up which are: Study a Language Course and Study a Degree Program. Once pressing the language School bottom, you will get a variety of options to choose from in order to get a number of schools in the country and with the language needed. While pressing the study a degree program bottom will take you to a page that has a number of universities in different countries.

The options of studying language courses will show up in a box after pressing the bottom and you can choose:

Which language will you be studying.

Which country do you need to study in and you can also choose a city if applicable.

When do you need to start studying (choose a date).

The number of weeks that you will be studying (Number of weeks).

Whether you need a health insurance or not (if yes, please choose I need and if not, choose I do not need).

If you need an Airport transfer or not (if yes, please choose I need and if not, choose I do not need).

If you need an accommodation or not (if yes, please choose the type of accommodation needed as well as the number of weeks that you will be staying in the accommodation and if not, choose I do not need accommodation). Importantly, The type of course that you want to study.

Change Language (Top right)

The language of the website can be changed from the blue bottom (select language) on the top right of the page. By pressing it, all the languages will come out, select the language and the website will directly change to that language.

Currency (Top right)

Not only can the language of the website be changed, but also the currency. For changing the currency, press the blue bottom on the top right of the page and choose the currency needed.


Apart from studying, Study Abroad Now also offers internship opportunities for people who need to gain experience as a start of building their career.


Study Abroad Now offer customers some additional services. These services includes:


Help students in filling the forms/papers of the visa, setting appointments and completing the procedures of a study or a tourist visa.


Find accommodation for students. These could be a host family, student housing, apartments, etc.

Flight Tickets

Study Abroad Now has special offers (low prices) as regards to flight tickets and reservation.

Meet at the airport

Study Abroad Now are happy to welcome you 24/7 at the airport and assist you with a private driver to transfer you from the airport to the accommodation.


You can click the information bottom for getting more information about studying the languages such as the important topics for studying it and the best countries to study.

the languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

In addition, there will also be information about the prices, accommodation and visas.


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